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Belarus Investment Environment Promotion and China-Belarus Industrial Park Policy Matchmaking Meeting successfully Held

By: From: 金沙城国际 Posted: 2016-05-18 08:02:00 FontSize: BIG MIDDLE SMALL

    On the afternoon of 12th, May 2016, Belarus Investment Environment Promotion and China-Belarus Industrial Park Policy Matchmaking Meeting were successfully held in Minsk, capital of Belarus. Belarus Ministry of Economic Affairs, Belarus Ministry of Industry, Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce, Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce, Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce, Belarus Investment and Privatization Agency, China-Belarus Joint Venture Company and representatives from various enterprises attended this meeting. 

    The meeting was hosted by Li Haixin, General Manager of China-Belarus Joint Venture Company, Alexander Yaroshenko, Vice Minister of Economic Affairs of Belarus, delivered a speech at the meeting, and Tatiana from Belarus Investment and Privatization Agency introduced Belarus’ economic situation and investment environment, and answered questions proposed by participating enterprises.

    Utyupin Pavel Vladimirovich, Vice Minister of Belarus Ministry of Industry; Waitehowsky Sergey Vladimirovich, Director General of Investment Management Bureau of Belarus Economic Ministry; Fangxiao, Deputy Director General of Zhejiang Provincial Department of Commerce; Zhao Yuhong, Deputy Director General of Jiangsu Provincial Department of Commerce; Wen Xiaohuan, Deputy Director General of Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce; Zuolin from Guangdong Provincial Department of Commerce; Heyu, Eastern Europe Order Performance Manager of Global Supply Chain of Lenovo Group; Zhangyuan, Director of Public Relations Department of Beijing Xiaomi Technology Co.Ltd ; Sun Zhenhua, General Manager of Russian Trade Company of Lenovo Group; Wangdong, Czech Branch Company of Hisense Group; Huang Fudong, Sales Manager stationed at Russia and Belarus of Gree Electric Appliances Inc.; Sunlei, General Manager of Shandong Henghua New Materials Co., Ltd and Gan Chaowei, General Manager of Investment Service Center of China-Belarus Joint Venture Company attended the meeting.  

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