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Donations for Sri Lanka Flood and Mudslide Victims Organized by Sri Lanka Oya River Agricultural Irrigation Project Team of CAMCE

By: From: 金沙城国际 Posted: 2016-06-06 08:02:00 FontSize: BIG MIDDLE SMALL

    Sri Lanka suffered a week-long extraordinary rainstorm since 14th, May 2016, which gave rise to floods, mudslides and landslides in various provinces. Up to now, the disaster weather has produced 101 death, 200 missed families and over 600,000 victims.

    After being aware of the disaster-afflicted situations, CAMCE’s Branch in Sri Lanka and Oya Agricultural Irrigation Project Team actively responded to the call of Chinese Embassy to Sri Lanka and Irrigation Bureau of Sri Lanka, and donated 1Millon Rupee to help victims to overcome difficulties and rebuild their homes.

    The move is highly praised by Sri Lanka government, and Director General of Irrigation Bureau expressed his appreciation to CAMCE’s quick response and generous donation in this difficult time, and he said “we, once again, feel the profound friendship coming from China”.

    Deputy Director General of Sri Lanka Irrigation Bureau attended this event.

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