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Meng Jianzhu, Member of Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Political and Judiciary Commission under CPC Central Committee, Inspecting China-Belarus Industrial Park Project Site

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    Accompanied by Zhongshan, Trade Negotiation Representative and Deputy Minister of Commerce of China, and Chinese Group Leader of China-Belarus Industrial Park Coordination Working Team; Snopkov, Deputy Chief of Staff of Belarus and Belarus Chairman of China-Belarus Inter-Governmental Cooperation Committee; and Cui Qiming, Chinese Ambassador to Belarus; Meng Jianzhu, Member of Politburo of the CPC Central Committee and Secretary of Political and Judiciary Commission under CPC Central Committee, inspected China-Belarus Industrial Park Project Site on the afternoon of 19th, August 2016. Hu Zheng, Director of China Merchants Group and CEO of China-Belarus Joint Ventures; Wang Yuhang, Vice President of CAMCE; Li Haixin, Vice President of CAMCE and President of China-Belarus Joint Ventures warmly welcomed the delegation.

    Meng Jianzhu heard the report on the parks overall planning, infrastructure construction in the initial area and the situation on entered enterprises, and asked in details on the difficulties to recruit enterprises and attract investment. He further pointed out to make full use of the parks preferential policy offered by Belarus to expedite its construction and investment invitation. 

    Afterwards, Mr. Meng inspected construction sites of office building and standard workshops and other ongoing projects in the park. He expressed his sincere sympathy to the labor representatives and showed his satisfaction on the construction progress after being briefed.  

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