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A Delegation Led by Belarusian Vice Prime Minister Kalinin Inspecting China-Belarus Industrial Park Project Site

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    On 9th, September, the delegation led by Belarusian Vice Prime Minister Kalinin inspected China-Belarus Industrial Park site, and Bai Xiujun, Project Manager of China-Belarus Industrial Park, hosted the Vice Prime Minister Kalinin and his delegation.

    Project Manager Bai Xiujun updated situations and progresses made in the park, and the delegation visited all the stations undergoing construction and roads. The Vice Prime Minister said Belarus will continue to provide all necessary support for the Park's development and construction, and the Belarusian sub-contractors should speed up its construction progress to ensure the Park's infrastructure facilities can be put into use on time.

    Ministry of Construction of Belarus, Minsk State Government, Management Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park, China-Belarus Joint Ventures, Infrastructure Construction Bureau of Minsk State, National Supervision Bureau of Belarus, Industry Construction Corporation of Minsk State, Belarus No.3 Construction Corporation, Belarus No.7 Construction Corporation, Belarus Electrical Installation Corporation and Project Department of China-Belarus Industrial Park attended the event.


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