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A Delegation Led by Belarusian Vice Prime Minister Kalinin Visiting China-Belarus Industrial Park Project Site

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    On 15th, September 2016, a delegation made up of a government team and 84 enterprises led by Belarusian Vice Prime Minister Kalinin visited China-Belarus Industrial Park Project Site. Kirill, Deputy General Manager of China-Belarus Joint Ventures, and Bai Xiujun, Project Manager of China-Belarus Industrial Park,  received the delegation.

    Krusanov, the first undersecretary of Construction Ministry of Belarus, introduced the procedure and purpose of this activity. The delegation visited the sand table and listened to the update on the Park’s overall planning, preferential policy and its investment invitation from Kirill.

    Afterwards, the delegation visited the project site. And the Vice Prime Minister said China-Belarus Industrial Park has a geographical advantage and will become Belarusian economic window and boost Belarusian economic development. 

    Project Bai Xiujun had talks with the Vice Prime Minister Kalinin on the site.

    Jacobson,Assistant to Belarusian President; Dovgalo, Minister of Construction; National Construction Committee, State Administration of Public Facilities, National Emergency Ministry, Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Health, National Bureau of Standards, National Accreditation Board and Management Committee of China-Belarus Industrial Park attended the activities.

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