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Grand Celebration of International Women's Day of CAMCE

By: From: 金沙城国际 Posted: 2016-03-10 09:50:00 FontSize: BIG MIDDLE SMALL

    In this warm and green spring, we gather together to celebrate the International Women's Day on 8th, March 2016.

    In the morning, the company presents roses to female colleagues and wishes them a happy holiday.

    Soon afterwards, in the café bar of 15th floor, the female colleagues are joined by Zhao Lizhi, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President; Chen Yufang, Vice President; Zhang Chunyan, Secretary of the Board; Wang Huifang, Chief Financial Officer; Zhang Dan, Chief Legal Counsel; Jin Yongxue, Assistant President; Liu Shengcheng, Assistant President, Huang Kaili, Chairman of the Labor Union and Chen Guojie, Assistant President. On behalf of President Luo Yan who is attending National People’s Congress, Mr. Zhao expresses his best wishes and greetings to the female. All the people wish a bright future for the company and share their commitment to fulfill CAMCE Dream with joint efforts.




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