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CAMCE’s Ecuador Branch Office Actively Engaged in Ecuador’s Earthwork Relief Efforts

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    A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador at 19 hours on 16th, April 2016 local time. Up to now, the official confirmed death toll has soared to 413 people. Ecuador has entered two-month long urgency period after its president signed presidential decree. Portoviejo city of Manabi province is one of the most stricken areas in this earthquake, which is also the city where CAMCE built Portoviejo hospital.

    On the morning of 17th local time, CAMCE notified its Portoviejo hospital construction team to begin its relief efforts after CAMCE communicated with its project contracting management. At 11a.m., the first batch of four excavators arrived at rescue sites, at 4p.m., the second batch of facilities consisting of one excavator, ten loaders, one crane and one small load carrier arrived at three rescue sites located in the center of the city. All this facilities were handed over to local fire control unit for proper use in the relief efforts.

    On the day of 17th, the Chinese engineers and local Ecuador engineers of CAMCE were divided into 3 groups. One group was sent to the temporary command center to provide relief plan; one group was sent to check all the buildings in the most hit area with the competent department in charge of disaster relief, identify the dangerous buildings which need to be removed and draw out sketch for the rescue organizations; another group was sent to aid the police to divide safety zone, and propose road closure in the high risk areas to avoid second injury.

    During the rescue, local people and local police gave Chinese people thumbs up and shouted “Chinese people, well done”.

    At 4p.m. on 17th, CAMCE rescued one middle-aged woman with signs of life with its excavator 21 hours later of the earthquake, and the lady was sent to hospital for help immediately. 

    At 22 hours on 17th, President Correa delivered a televised speech in Portoviejo station, which is ECU-911 Safety Emergency Command Center, undertook by CAMCE. 48 hours after the earthquake, government officials including vice president and the minister of safety coordination gave command and made decisions in ECU-911 stations. 4 of the 7 ECU-911 stations undertook by CAMCE located in the hardest-hit area. This project, handed over in 2013, withstood this strong shock and played a significant role in Ecuador’s disaster relief. Although ECU-911      has passed its guarantee period, CAMCE sent professional engineer team to have comprehensive inspection at ECU-911 Portoviejo station and Esmeraldas station.

    Portoviejo city has been cut off water and electricity supply since the earthquake. All shops were closed and materials shortage was serious. The main roads into cities were collapsed and the transportation of relief materials was very difficult. It is rather difficult to carry out relief efforts in such a high temperature, and the hospital construction team donated over 300 bottles of drinking water to rescue team without any reservation and support the relief work at the first time. 

    At the same time, CAMCE was preparing relied materials at Quayaquil and Quito.  

    At 5a.m. on 18th, the first vehicle full of drinking water, candles, biscuits, milk and cans departed for Portoviejo city from Guayaquil;

    Eight a half in the morning, two container trucks and one autotruck fully loaded with relief materials were sent to Esmeraldas from capital Quito;

    1 p.m. in the afternoon, nine trucks loaded with 90 tons relief materials were sent to epicenter Pedernales from southern Quito;

    4p.m. in the afternoon, CAMCE raised donation in Quito financial platform, and sent this donation and materials to Portoviejo;

    5p.m. in the afternoon, three pickup truck loaded with life necessities departed for northern disaster area from Esmeraldas hospital construction camp; 

    6 p.m. in the afternoon, another truck full of relief materials went for Portoviejo city from Quayaquil;

    7 p.m. in the afternoon, Red Cross of Ecuador started its work for blood donation……

    As the time ticked away, CAMCE is continuing to do its most in this relief effort, provide timely help and warm assistance for Ecuador people in this difficult time, shoulders its social responsibility and contribute its part for peoples’ friendship between China and Ecuador.


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