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CAMCE Continuing to Provide Relief Efforts in Ecuador’s Earthquake, and Its Acts of Kindness covered by Mainstream Media both in China and Ecuador

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    A 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit Ecuador at 19 hours, 16th, April 2016 local time, Ecuador Branch Company of CAMCE send its project teams to help in the disaster relief activities, and all the equipments and people near the epicenter were sent to the frontline. While the 911 national safety emergency command center, undertook by CAMCE, assume the heavy responsibility to provide disaster relief information. All project teams of CAMCE in Ecuador coordinate and organize materials transportation and send them to distress area. Up to now, the total value of donations and contributions exceeds US$ 100,000. Many people stationed in Ecuador of CAMCE stayed awake for 72 consecutive hours, and the only thing they want to do is to offer more help for the victims and get through the tough times together with them.

    On the morning of 17th, April local time, the first batch of four excavators arrived at rescue site, at 4p.m., the second batch of facilities consisting of one excavator, ten loaders, one crane and one small load carrier arrived at three rescue sites located in the center of the city. All this facilities were handed over to local fire control unit for proper use in the relief efforts.  



At 5a.m. on 18th, vehicles full of drinking water, candles, biscuits, milk and cans departed for Portoviejo city from Guayaquil; 


    At 5p.m. on 18th, three pickup trucks loaded with life necessities departed for northern disaster area from Esmeraldas hospital construction camp; 

     CAMCE provides 5 large transport vehicles for free to send relief materials and a total of 55 tons materials were sent to disaster areas up to the afternoon of 18th. Theses relief materials were supplied by UN Food Organization from Magemaxi supermarket of Sanluis.

     Materials including drinking water and food donated by Monte Sinai Hospital Project of Guayaquil.




    No casualties were found in CAMCE’s team members stationed in Ecuador. After the earthquake, CAMCE conducted comprehensive checking and collected information on damage on the finished projects and projects under construction together with client and consultants’ technical personnel. No serious damages were found on these projects, and the main structures of these projects are stable and the overall buildings stayed in good condition. The good construction quality is well received by the clients and consultants, and people from client side spoke highly of CAMCE’s outstanding project management, professional quality control and its highly responsible professionalism after earthquake to the media.

Monte Sinai Hospital after Earthquake

Esmeraldas Hospital after Earthquake

Zofragua Hospital after Earthquake

Construction Scaffold of Zofragua Hospital not Affected by the Earthquake

    On 20th, April, the Morning News of CCTV reported the donations and contributions in cash and materials by Chinese and overseas Chinese in Ecuador’s disaster relief, and Yang Liang’s interview was broadcasted as well, the General Manager of No.5 Engineering Department of CAMCE. During the interview, Yang said “the disaster-affected area of Ecuador is close to the construction site of CAMCE, so we send all mechanical equipments and people to frontline in the first time to provide anything we can. In addition to this, the 911 National Safety Emergency Command Center undertook by our company provides infrastructure and technology help for the relief efforts.”

 Yang Liang, Interviewed by CCTV


911 National Safety Emergency Command Center of Ecuador

    On the 18th, April, the Evening News of Ecuador broadcasted CAMCE’s efforts, by cooperating with local governments and local people, to combat the quake and carry the relief work, send in a large number of machineries, equipments and personnel to offer help. The interview of Zhao Guangyu, Commercial Manager of CAMCE’s controlled company of Ecuador and Financial Platform Construction of Ecuador, was broadcasted. Zhao Guangyu said in the interview that CAMCE will spare no effort to help and support Ecuador government and its people to walk out of the disaster.      

Zhao Guangyu, Interviewed by Ecuador’s TV

Disaster Relief Efforts Site  

Video link of Morning News of CCTV

Video link of Evening News of Ecuador

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