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Huaneng Changxing Power Plant Desulfurization Wastewater Zero Discharge Project undertaken by Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co.,Ltd Awarded the Annual Best Industrial Water Treatment Award in the Global Water Summit

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The 10th Global Water Summit was held on the night of 19th, April 2016 in Abu Dhabi, capital of United Arab Emirates. Huaneng Changxing Power Plant Desulfurization Wastewater Zero Discharge Project undertook by Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co.,Ltd, an affiliate of CAMCE and the northern water treatment plant of Australia undertook by GE won the Annual Best Industrial Water Treatment Award in this summit. This is the first time for a Chinese green technology company to win an international water treatment award, as well as the first time for a Chinese company to stand on the podium with world famous companies, such as GE. Global Water Summit was founded in 2006 by Global Water Intelligence, and the Globally Annual Best Industrial Water Treatment Award is one of the global water awards issued in this summit. The global water award is well recognized for its impartiality, professionalization and internationalization. The jury said the success of Huaneng Changxing power plant desulfurization wastewater zero discharge project marked the exciting breakthrough made in forward osmosis application of China. 

This zero discharge project finished its commissioning test and was put into operation in May, 2015. It is the first industrial wastewater treatment project operated under the forward osmosis technology by a commercial style in the world. The recycling rate of wastewater can reach 100%. The contaminants were separated in the form of sludge and ionic crystal, which can substantially reduce investment and running cost. The project is fully automatic, so it is more convenient to operate and maintain its equipments.    

This project combined Woteer’s pretreatment technology and forward osmosis, providing solutions to high COD and high salt industrial wastewater with zero discharge, realizing zero discharge of desulfurization wastewater in power sector at a low cost, and setting a good example for industrial enterprises to pursue zero discharge for their wastewater. This award fully affirmed forward osmosis concentrated brine “zero discharge” technology, and spoke highly of Chinese water treatment engineering company, which means Woteer company is leading the world in the field of zero discharge of industrial water. With the social and economic development, the pollution of air and surface water is becoming intensified, particularly to reduce haze, which requires industrial enterprises to conduct ultra-clean treatment on gas emission. While, the actual practice is to transfer pollutants from air to surface after washing the gas, thus aggravating the pollution of surface water. The prize obtained by Woteer Company means we have the world’s advanced water treatment technology and can do our contribution in the field of wastewater zero emission and gas ultra-clean treatment for Chinese industrial enterprises. With our efforts, the clean water and blue sky in China will be sustainable for our future generations. 

Woteer Company is boasted of engineering design and technology R&D personnel used to work in world top 500 water treatment companies, and has R&D base in both China and America. Woteer is independent in its R&D, pursuing innovation and committed to satisfying customers’ different needs to create added value for them. Now, the serious pollution of surface water and underground water in China needs to be resolved. Relying on its advanced technology, Woteer is committed to helping Chinese industrial enterprises to achieve wastewater zero emission, continuing to improve water quality and make our lives better.




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