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Ren Hongbin, Chairman of SINOMACH, Inspected Woteer Lab in the U.S.

By: From: 金沙城国际 Posted: 2016-04-27 13:36:00 FontSize: BIG MIDDLE SMALL

On 19th, April 2016 of local time, after the B20 meeting held in Washington D.C., Chairman Ren departed for R&D lab of Oasys Water Company invested by Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co., Ltd affiliated to CAMCE, accompanied by Gu Junyuan, CEO of Woteer.

Chairman Ren listened to the achievements made in past years made by R&D team, and explored the development trend and R&D path on water technology, checked the working situation of the lab together with R&D team. The Oasys Water Treatment Lab is one of the most advanced R&D labs in the field of water technology with over 30 doctors working in the lab. President Ren had a wide-ranging discussion with these doctors. After the inspection, good news came from Abu Ahabi with Wastewater Zero Discharging Project of Huaneng Changxing Power Plant winning the Annual Best Industrial Water Treatment Award in the Global Water Summit. This project is undertaken by Beijing Woteer Water Technology Co.,Ltd and Oasys Lab. Chairman Ren expressed his congratulations to all people present and urged them to keep punching and maintain the lab’s leading position in the global water treatment field and make more contribution to world environment protection. In addition to this, Chairman Ren held talks with two shareholder representatives as well during the inspection, and they are Ed kania, Founder of American Flagship Fund, and Bill, President of Advanced Technology Fund.  





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