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Speech Contest Finals of My CAMCE Dream successfully Held in Honor of CAMCE’s founding for 15 Years and CAMCE’s listing for 10 Years

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In the afternoon of 24th, May 2016, the Speech Contest Finals of My CAMCE Dream was successfully held in B1 conference center of SINOMACH Plaza. A total of 12 contestants took their finals and the judges for the finals were from the top management of CAMCE, they are Chairman Luo Yan, Secretary of the Party Committee and Vice President Zhao Lizhi, Vice President Wang Yuhang, Vice President Chen Yufang, Chief Financial Officer Wang Huifang, Zhangdan, Chief Legal Counsel, Chairman of the Labor Union Huang Kaili and Assistant President Yang Dong.
The contestants expressed their sense of identity, sense of belonging and sense of pride on CAMCE filled with emotion and sincerity from their own life experience, ideological understanding, and working practice as well as on CAMCE’s corporate cultural cognition and their sincere gratitude for being a member of this big family. 
The judges graded the contestants in terms of distinctive subject, smooth expression, strong appeal, proper pronunciation and tidy and neat appearance, thus electing 1 first prize, 2 second prizes and 3 third prizes.
Each contestant not only showed their good spirit and expertise in delivering a speech, but also gave expression to entrepreneurial spirit featuring positive attitude and be courageous to take the lead. The contestants interpreted each person’s dream of CAMCE and the essence of CAMCE’s Dream with their best play. 


First-Prize Winner

Second-Prize Winners

Third-Prize Winners



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