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The 3rd CAMCE Partners’ Symposium Successfully Held under Theme of Creating Future Together with CAMCE

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    The 3rd CAMCE Partners’ Symposium is held in B1 Conference Center of SINOMACH Plaza on 20th, November 2017 with 155 representatives coming from 78 Partners attending this conference. Zhao Lizhi, Secretary of Party Committee and Vice President of CAMCE, presides over the conference with Chairman Luo Yan, senior executives, middle-level management and some representatives of each Department of CAMCE attending the meeting.

    On behalf of CAMCE, Chairman Luo Yan delivers a keynote speech of Staying True to the Original Aspiration, Keeping Firmly in Mind the Mission to Advance Joint Undertaking and Strive for New Glory, introducing CAMCE's achievements made in the year of 2017 and the strategic thinking and ways of cooperation in the new era of economic development, calls for deep cooperation in the field of infrastructure investment and construction, EPC, trade and investment from all partners. Chairman Luo Yan says CAMCE is willing to establish a new type of business model with all Partners to complement each other's advantage and shoulder on division of responsibilities on the basis of mercerization and benefit sharing. CAMCE will establish a cooperative relationship featuring amity , sincerity , mutual benefit and inclusiveness with Partners, build a community of common destiny and achieve mutual benefit and win-win result. At present, the globalization tendency is irreversible and the construction of the Belt and Road has been carried out in an orderly manner, Chairman Luo Yan concludes her speech by saying we should do something big in the new era, CAMCE invites all Partners to remain to the original aspiration and forge ahead to contribute our share to China in the new era.

    Afterwards, Liu Shengcheng, Assistant President of CAMCE and General Manager of Asia Pacific Division of CAMCE; Hu Wei, Vice President of CAMCE and General Manager of West Asia& Africa Division of CAMCE; Shen Wei, Assistant President of CAMCE and General Manager of Latin America Division of CAMCE and Wang Yuhang, Vice President of CAMCE and General Manager of Central Asia & Eastern Europe Division of CAMCE deliver reports on regional development respectively for the distinguished guests.

    We particularly invite six representatives from our partners to address at the conference. They are Vice President Yang Baolin from China XD Electric Co., Ltd., President Qiu Hong from Worley Parsons Beijing, Chief Economist Zheng Zhaohui  from China Energy Conservation and Environmental Protection Group, Vice President Zhao Yongbo from China IPPR International Engineering Co., Ltd., Vice President Wan Xiaolin from China Huashi Enterprises Co,. Ltd. and Chairman Hu Erfu from the Sixth Construction Co., Ltd. of China National Chemical Engineering. The addressers recall their long history of cooperating with CAMCE and appreciate CAMCE’s trust and support, and are willing to deepen cooperation with CAMCE to provide more support for its project development and implementation to achieve win-win outcome.

    Some videos are played in the meeting as well including videos of Projects Newly Signed and Taking Effect in the Year of 2017, Social Activities for Public Good, China-Belarus Industrial Park, Petroleum Products Distribution Tank Farm in Nicaragua, Mbala-Nakonde Road Upgrading Project in Zambia and Ecuador Government's Financial Management Platform Construction Project, showcasing the delicacy management and good brand image of CAMCE.

    The meeting goes well in a very lively atmosphere, and the participates fully exchange views and conduct deep communication. The successful holding of this meeting helps expand CAMCE's business and strengthen its brand building, laying a solid foundation for CAMCE to become bigger, stronger and sustainable.











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