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Donation by CAMCE for Reconstructing Cuba after Hurricane Irma Disaster Relief Assistance Forming Amity Between People

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    After Cuba was struck by one of the strongest storms Hurricane Irma in its recent history,     CAMCE donates $50,000 to local people for post-disaster reconstruction. On behalf of CAMCE, Assistant President Shen Wei attends the Donation Ceremony and presents the donation to Cuba Embassy to China on the morning of 24th, November 2017. Cuban Ambassador to China Miguel Angel Ramírez expresses his appreciation to CAMCE's donation, and he says the money will be used to provide relief for the affected people with the least delay possible.

    Hurricane Irma hit the central and western regions of Cuba in September and caused at least 10 deaths. Along the region, there have been widespread reports of electrical lines down, roofs blown off building, floodwaters from storm surges and broken tourist facilities. Millions of people have been evacuated, and now most of provinces of Cuba have entered the stage of post-disaster reconstruction.

    Mr. Shen Wei says CAMCE has been engaging in business in Cuba for almost 3 decades, and has made great efforts to economic development in power, sugar and agriculture of Cuba. Amity between people holds the key to sound relations between states, Cuba is a good pal of Chinese people, and CAMCE will watch closely to the damage caused by the hurricane and hopes the people of Cuba can recover from the disaster at an early time. The Ambassador thanks CAMCE for its generous donation and its contribution to Cuba's economic development, and he believes Cuba can overcome the difficulties and troubles caused by the hurricane and move forward with the joints efforts of both sides.

    Commercial Counselor Juan Alberto Kelly and Economic Counselor Sofía Ancheta of Cuba Embassy to China attend the Donation Ceremony.


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