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Chairman of CAMCE & Woteer Luo Yan Held Woteer Management Meeting

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    On the morning of December 14, 2017, Chairman of CAMCE & Woteer Luo Yan chaired Woteer management meeting in Woteer Office.

    At the meeting, Chairman Luo Yan made an important speech, in which Chairman Luo deployed the working arrangements for Woteer in next year, and put forward new requirements and hope to Woteer management team. Chairman Luo Yan said, in recent years Chinese government vigorously developed the environmental protection industry, so that water market ushered in the good opportunities for development. As an important platform for the development of CAMCE's water sector, Woteer will be provided strong support from CAMCE in the next new year and will seize the development opportunities in environmental protection to create a good performance. All staff of Woteer and CAMCE team need to combined in one, and will build Our wills unite like a fortress with confidence to create a new CAMCE Woteer.

    At the meeting, the general manager of Woteer Zhang Chengci introduced the 2017 operation situation and 2018 working plan of Woteer.

    President Assistant of CAMCE & Dean of the Strategic Planning Department Lv Lele, Chairman of the labor union & Dean of  Human Resources Department Huang Kaili, Dean of Accounting Department Huang Jianzhou, Dean of Project Management Department Pan Xulong, Dean of Legal Department Huang Feng, deputy general manager of CAMCE water company Chen Jian, other related personnel and Woteer middle and senior manager attended the above meeting.


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