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Vice President of SINOMACH Liu Jingzhen Inspecting CAMCE

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    A delegation led by Liu Jingzhen, Vice President and General Manager of Project Contracting Business Division of SINOMACH, inspects CAMCE on the afternoon of 15th, December 2017. Chief Legal Counsel Wang Qiang and Director Zhang Yu of Project Contracting Business Division of SINOMACH accompany the inspection. Meanwhile, Chairman Luo Yan, Party Secretary Zhao Lizhi and some senior executives of CAMCE attend the meeting.

    A detailed report on CAMCE's operation and management, indicators achieved for performance appraisal and status of some other priorities of this year is presented by Chairman Luo Yan, and suggestions for and supports needed from SINOMACH are proposed by Ms. Luo Yan as well. Besides, Party Secretary Zhao Lizhi of CAMCE makes report on party building and studies on the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China. 

    Vice President Liu Jingzhen fully recognizes CAMCE's rapid development and its contribution to maintaining SINOMACH's growth in the past few years. Furthermore, he puts forward requirements for continuing to enhance party building, carefully studying the spirits of the 19th National Congress of Communist Party, putting more efforts to market development and doing a good job in risk control and management. He says SINOMACH and its Project Contracting Business Division will provide full support for CAMCE's development, and SINOMACH will give play to its platform advantage and coordinate communication between its subsidiaries, relevant ministries, financing institution and local governments to help the market development, transformation and upgrading. 


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