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A Symposium in Honor of the 35th Anniversary of China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation (CAMC) Successfully Held

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    A symposium in honor of the 35th anniversary of China National Construction & Agricultural Machinery I/E Corporation (hereinafter referred to as CAMC) was held in the multi-function hall of SINOMACH on the morning of 21st, December 2017. Over 40 people including former leaders and elderly retired cadres Jiang Chenxun, Lu Enqi and Jiang Zhaorong of CAMC, Chairman Ren Hongbin, Chief Accountant Luo Jiamang and Vice President Liu Jingzhen of SINOMACH, Chairman Luo Yan and Party Secretary Zhao Lizhi of CAMCE as well as some senior executives of CAMCE and CAMC attend the meeting.
    The meeting is chaired by Chairman Luo Yan of CAMCE. On behalf of the current management and staff of CAMCE and CAMC, Ms. Luo Yan expressed her warm welcome to the participants and introduced CAMCE’s overall development, the development situation of its business divisions, the highlights of its management and achievements in the past five years. Furthermore, she says the 19th National Congress Report clearly points out China has entered Xi Jingping’s new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, as long as we keep to our original aspiration, bear in mind our mission and stay true to the spirits of dedication, integrity, persistence and innovation of CAMCE, we will surely make a difference and create a brighter future in construction of the belt and road endeavor.
    The former leaders and retired cadres reviewed CAMCE’s founding and its history of development, expressed their deep emotions to the company and fully recognized its outstanding performance in the past years and put forward their expectations for its future development.

    Afterwards, Chairman Ren Hongbin congratulated CAMC on its 35th birthday in his speech and showed his happiness to reunite with the former leaders of CAMC. Chairman Ren Hongbin reviewed those eventful years, shared precious memories with the former leaders and recalled the early years of striving for going global. He further said CAMCE should carry forward CAMC’s fine tradition, keep in mind the mission of our country and people, seek development for the country and happiness for the people to create a SINOMACH with blessing. He required the management and staff of CAMCE to always remember and implement the entrustments of the former leaders, boldly explore new ways of reform and innovation to contribute more to SINOMACH’s development. At the end, he wished the best for the health of the former leaders and retired cadres.

    The meeting concluded in a warm and peaceful atmosphere with all people wishing a splendid future for CAMCE. 




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