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Chairman Fang Qiuchen of China International Contractors Association Inspecting CAMCE

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    A delegation of China International Contractors Association (hereinafter referred to as Association) led by its Chairman Fang Qiuchen inspects CAMCE on the afternoon of 22nd, December 2017. Chairman Luo Yan of CAMCE welcomes the delegation and holds talks with them. Both sides conduct in-depth discussions and exchanges on industry development trend and business model innovation.

    Chairman Luo Yan starts by welcoming Chairman Fang and his delegation and shows her gratitude to the strong support of the Association over the years. Then, she further introduces CAMCE's development in recent years, its key performance and projects as well as its strategy and culture. And she hopes CAMCE can have better development with the help of China's belt and road initiative and the strong support and right guidance from the Association. Chairman Fang congratulates CAMCE on its outstanding achievements in the past years and expresses his thanks to CAMCE for its strong support to the Association. The Association will provide better service and build a better platform of foreign exchange and cooperation to facilitate business transformation and upgrading, Chairman Fang says.

    The other people attend the meeting are Vice-Chairman Xin Xiuming, Secretary General Zhang Xiang, Director of Engineering and Investment Department Yao Danbo, Director of Convention and Exhibition Center Xu Guolei and Editor-in-Chief Wang Li of International Engineering and Labor Magazine of the Association, and CAMCE Vice President Hu Wei, Assistant President Shen Wei, Chief Financial Officer Wang Huifang, Assistant President Lv Lele, Assistant President Liu Shengcheng and Assistant President Yang Dong.  


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