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Marketing Director of SINOMACH, Chairman of CAMCE Ms. Luo Yan, accompanied Chairman of SINOMACH, Mr. Zhang Xiaolun to meet with the delegation led by Secretary General of SCO, Mr. Norov

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  On January 21, 2020, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of SINOMACH Mr. Zhang Xiaolun, met with the Secretary General of SCO, Mr. Norov and his delegation at the headquarters. The Member of Standing Committee of the Party Committee and Vice President of SINOMACH, Mr. Bai Shaotong, and Marketing Director of SINOMACH and Chairman of CAMCE, Ms. Luo Yan attended the meeting.

  Chairman Zhang briefed SIMOMACH's business situation and development process, focusing on extensive economic and trade cooperation with SCO Member States, Observer States and other Dialogue Partner Countries. During the meeting, Chairman Zhang thanked Mr. norov for taking SINOMACH as the first large-scale enterprise to visit in 2020. He hoped that with the support and guidance of the SCO Secretariat, it will further deepen cooperation in infrastructure construction, park development, industrial and agricultural construction, and will actively expand cooperation in emerging fields such as environmental protection, health and smart citys.

  Ms. Luo introduced the cooperation projects between CAMCE and SCO countries, especially cooperation of its subordinated enterprise IPPR in Uzbekistan. Ms. Luo said that CAMCE will further strengthen cooperation with SCO countries in industry, agriculture and third-party markets under the SCO framework.

  Mr. Norov introduced the positive role played by SCO in promoting economic development and international economic and trade cooperation of member countries, and gave a high appraisal to the contribution made by SINOMACH in China's opening up to the outside world. He also put forward a lot of guiding and constructive opinions on strengthening economic and trade cooperation between SINOMACH and SCO countries.

  In the meeting, the two sides also had in-depth exchanges and reached broad consensus on promoting mutual recognition of standards among SCO member states, and made working arrangements for pragmatic promotion in furture cooperation.

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