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Deputy General Manager Wang Yuhang and Assistant to General Manager Huang Kaili Inspected Russia Togliatti Urea Plant and Celebrated the Spring Festival Holiday with staff

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  On January 23, 2020, CAMCE Deputy General Manager Wang Yuhang and Assistant to General Manager Huang Kaili went to the site of the 2200 ton urea plant in Togliatti, Samara, Russia to conduct work inspections and celebrated the Spring Festival with staff.

  On the morning of the 24th, Mr. Wang and Ms. Huang went to the office of the cooperation company to send everyone a New Year’s blessing and held a meeting to hear the project work progress and difficulties and discuss the work plan for 2020.

  In the afternoon, Mr. Wang and Ms. Huang carried out the corporate culture activity of Improving Quality and Efficiency, Developing with Innovations with the project members of the urea plant. Everyone made effort to build the CAMCE Logo with snow, and sent Chinese New Year greetings to company management and staff.

  In the evening, Mr. Wang read the letter of consolation from Chairman Luo Yan and General Manager and Secretary of Party Committee Ding Jia. On behalf of the company management, he sent holiday blessings to the front-line employees of the project, and expressed heartfelt thanks to the employees and their families who adhered to the front-line overseas. Afterwards, Mr. Wang and Ms. Huang sent New Year wishes for everyone, watched the Chinese New Year Gala arranged by the project department, and made dumplings to celebrate New Year's Eve together. In the end, all the members sang Me and my country, expressing the love and blessing to the motherland. In the new year, everyone will strengthen their convictions and go hand in hand despite all the diffficulties! 

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