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Assume the mission and responsibility, Act in a Spirit of Unity - CAMCE Contributed to Fight against the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia

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  Facing severe situation caused by novel coronavirus pneumonia, CAMCE took the prevention and control of the epidemic as priority, and was determined to implement the decisions and deployment of the CPC Central Committee and the State Council. CAMCE established a leading group and a working group for the prevention and control of the epidemic. The executives remain at their posts for the command, assuming the political responsibility and the social responsibility of the SOE to ensure the prevention and the control of the epidemic pneumonia.  

  In order to further support the work of preventing and fighting the epidemic in Hubei province, CAMCE decided that in addition to a donation of money, the company would donate 50 medical air disinfection and purification equipment which apply the latest Finnish ion cascade technology. These equipment were transported to Wuhan on January 30. With rapid targeted assistance and the joint effort to fight against difficulties, CAMCE made contribution to help Hubei province win the war without bullets as soon as possible! Go for it, Wuhan! Go for it, China!

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